Solar Panel Installation- Perth, Lanark, Balderson & Area

Balderson Ontario 10kw solar panel installation

Balderson Ontario 10kw solar installation

Since Eco Alternative Energy is based in Sharbot Lake, Ontario it would be logical to assume we do many projects close to home!  This 10 kw solar panel installation project was a grid tie project close to the town of Balderson.

Here is a customer testimonial:

“We are thrilled with our microFIT grid-tie system. Having been so impressed with your installation of our back-up panel system in 2006, we had no hesitation in asking you to put together and install this major project for us.
You have the knowledge, skill and attention to detail that we admire, and your careful and accurate workmanship is second to none. Added to this is great value for money, always an important consideration. Another significant advantage is your well-established relationship with the other parties involved in setting up these projects: the Electrical Safety Authority, Ontario Hydro, Hydro One networks and the Ontario Power Authority. That’s a lot to deal with, and we were grateful to have you do it for us so seamlessly!
Our 44 panels were installed in 2 1/2 days, and 2 weeks later, we started to produce power for the grid: income for us, and a contribution to the environment (clean power and carbon dioxide saved from going in to the air – 750 lbs in a little over 2 weeks!)” Cynthia

For more solar panel testimonials from Balderson, Perth, Lanark and area please visit our testimonials page or contact our office.


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