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Solar Installations, MICROFIT Systems by EcoAlternative Energy

SOLAR SYSTEMS BY ECO ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.  THE OPA IS  STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS. The costs have dropped dramatically over the introduction of the Feed In Tariff and if you were ever contemplating this investment now is the time. We will do … Continue reading

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Grid Tied vs Off Grid Solar Electric Systems: Which option is better for you?

If you’re wondering which of these two options are better for you, then you’re at the right blog! Let’s face it, we would all like to be off the grid generating our own electricity and telling our local hydro company … Continue reading

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How do I know if my home is right for Solar ?

We’ve been doing solar installations for homes for a long time in Ontario. One of the most common questions we are asked by our customers is , “How do I know if my house is a good candidate for solar?” … Continue reading

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How will shade affect the performance of my Solar Panels?

It’s common knowledge that vampires can’t stand garlic, that the Joker is Batman’s nemesis and that oil and water simply don’t mix. The same can be said about solar panels and shade. They simply don’t work well together. Solar modules are … Continue reading

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